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Once upon a time, there was a place with no giggles until someone saw the need and had an idea. This is our ...
specialty! As you embark on your playground adventure with us, here are the steps you will take:

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The adventure begins with a free face-to-face meeting to discuss and formulate your playground design. It is in this meeting that we gain accurate and precise information specific to your playground project and your kiddos’ needs. These are a few design questions to consider:


parks and playground

parks playground Where will this playground be located? How much space do we have? How does the area drain? Are there electrical lines overhead?
plastic playgrounds What age group will play on this playground? Are there special needs to be considered?

play structures What is our budget allocated for the playground?
play systems What degree of nature play is in our playground? What is our environmental impact and stand as a company? Our carbon footprint? What are our LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points for the playground?

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Based on the information gathered from the consultation, ‘Bout Play will create the playground that best fits your design and budget needs. The type of playground equipment we select will be determined by what we call Play Value. In other words, what would we like to accomplish with this playground? How do we want the kiddos to play on this playground? There are many different ways kiddos can play. Here are a few of our fun terms to describe Play Value.

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Risk is also an important part of play, and playgrounds are the perfect place for kiddos to be introduced to and explore risk safely. We strictly follow the Federal Playground Safety Standards and ADA regulations, so if a kiddo does fall, it will be a safe one. Here are a few options to consider for safety surfaces:

playground structures This is loose fill surfacing such as sand, pea-gravel, engineered wood fiber and shredded rubber products. The depth integrity is maintained by a border.   playground swings
playgrounds for home This is various rubber products where the depth integrity is maintained by a bonded process and an impacted base is required. Options include Poured-in-Place (a unique combination of ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber granules and a cushion layer of shredded recycled rubber tires utilizing a European polymer that is poured in place, providing a seamless surface), Bonded Rubber Mulch (a single density pour of shredded rubber mulch blended with traditional polyurethane adhesive to produce a natural look), Safety Tiles (factory inter-locking 100% molded recycled rubber tiles) and Synthetic Turf (surfacing with a grassy feel).  



For more examples of our playground equipment, click here to download our catalog. You can also check out these cool videos to see Playcore’s latest playground designs at work. Can you spot the different forms of play?



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Your playground adventure is almost complete! ‘Bout Play offers full playground installation services, but we give you the flexibility to choose how involved we are in this final step.

playscapes Not only is ‘Bout Play a playground design company, we are also fully equipped, licensed and insured to install your equipment to factory and safety standards once the design phase is complete.
preschool playground equipment ‘Bout Play will offer our expertise and supervision, working alongside you to make your playground a reality. In the past, we have served as a partner on Community Builds.
preschool playgrounds ‘Bout Play will serve as your guide if you choose to take over the playground installation process yourself once your playground is designed and the equipment is selected.

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school playground equipment

school playgrounds Your playground adventure doesn't have to end! ‘Bout Play can always add on to your existing playground and can help you create a second-phase project.
shade for playgrounds If ever you need to relocate your playground equipment to another location, ‘Bout Play can take care of it for you.
slide playground Playgrounds are expensive, but with a little TLC, your equipment can be kept safe and clean. Ask about our Play Pal Program to ensure the longevity of your investment for years to come.

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toodler playground equipment Shade, especially here in the south, is an added luxury and adds a whole new dynamic to your playground. Whether new or existing, ‘Bout Play can add shade to any playground.

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